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Ptaki Rzadkie i Ginace - exhibition in Warsaw

Posted on Apr 20, 2015

I have a pleasure to take part in "Ptaki Rzadkie i Ginace" exhibition. The event takes place at Zlote Tarasy in Warsaw, Poland on April 20 - May 17. The vernissage will be held on May 8 together with a concert of Ania Rusowicz. All the artworks created for the exhibition by selected Goverdose artists are inspired by endangered species of birds in Poland. The effect of our work is a combination of different techniques and styles under one theme and message: birds are disappearing from our enviroment. My image is a tribute to the beautiful whooper swan - a bird straight from northern fairy tales, mysterious and graceful yet on the brink of extinction in Poland. The event is organized by Ptaki Polskie Society as part of "Badz na pTak!" campaign.

Read more about the exhibition and endangered species of birds at www.wystawa.jestemnaptak.pl

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