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Wloski, wloski... - art exhibition in Warsaw

Posted on Jan 12, 2012

My work inspired by Florence Quattrocento at "Wloski, wloski..." art exhibition in Warsaw, Poland. All displayed artwork represent the new take on the Renaissance painting - filtered through sensibility of artists of the younger generation. Their creativity gives new meaning to the old art. This renovatio antiquitatis and renovatio hominis shows that the history and culture can still be interesting and inspiring - we can see more than we expected and sometimes more than we would like to see. The event takes place at Pollswiss Art Gallery in Warsaw, Poland (ul. Wiejska 20) on January 12 - 31. All images will be on sale after the exhibition.

Agnieszka Bartak-Lisikiewicz & Lukasz Murzyn, Dorota Berger, Agata Leszczynska, Aleksandra Marchocka, Anna Soltysiak, Malgorzata Wielek-Mandrela

Curator: Malgorzata Wrzesniak PhD

More info at www.polswissart.pl

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