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KRZY.WE - Polish Vector Illustration in Warsaw

Posted on Oct 25, 2013

I invite you to see my work at "KRZY.WE" in Warsaw, Poland. The first ever exhibition of Polish Vector Illustration takes place in Wypieki Kultury (ul. Stolarska 2/4) on October 25 - November 23. The main idea of KRZY.WE is to demonstrate that the vector art is not only about mastering a graphic program. It's mostly about the creativity, imagination and vision - a combination of style and technique which results in good illustrations. And that's what KRZY.WE is all about - the artists. We have compared those creators by giving them a simple yet tricky task - making a vector self-portrait.

Artists: Michal Bialogrzywy | Michal Bogulski | Piotr Ciesielski | Karol Gadzala | Konrad Kirpluk Filip Komorowski | Luiza Kwiatkowska | Adam Quest | Konrad KOXU Lukasiak | Aleksandra Marchocka | Krzysztof Nowak | Wojciech AKUMA Polak | Kamil Sarnowski

Curators: Agnieszka Gniotek | Konrad KOXU Lukasiak | Wojtek AKUMA Polak

The project was featured on Digital Art Served - a curated gallery site powered by Behance.

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