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Jednorozec we Florencji - exhibition in Warsaw

Posted on Jun 21, 2014

A series of my prints at "Jednorozec we Florencji" ("Unicorn in Florence") exhibition at KOREKTA Art Gallery in Warsaw, Poland (ul. Mazowiecka 11) on June 21 - July 5. All displayed artwork are unique visions inspired by Florence. In the artistic imagination the city we know becomes a place of wonders where reality and fairy tales fade into one another. Warm memories from trips to Italy will remain forever but in a changed and stylized form, quite different from the reality. In the city "on the other side of the mirror" there is neither time nor gravity and everything is prettier, better, more colorful... and more holy.

Contributing artists: Dorota Berger, Iwona Fisher-Zuziak, Pawel Kastusik, Aleksandra Marchocka, Dariusz Mlacki, Jacek Lydzba, Szymon Parafiniak

Curator: Malgorzata Wrzesniak PhD

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