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Gon Kroliczka - exhibition in Warsaw

Posted on Dec 21, 2016

On December 21 I invite you to my solo art exhibition "Gon Kroliczka" ("Chase the Bunny").

The opening at 6 pm
at Galeria KOREKTA
ul. Mazowiecka 11 A, Warsaw

After the vernissage, the exhibition will be open until January 12, 2017.

Curator of the exhibition: Malgorzata Wrzesniak PhD

The works presented by Aleksandra Marchocka show the world of young women. Women with perfectly smooth body, full breasts and round hips. Women of blood and bones, confident demons of sex, knowing what they want and realizing those desires. The artist uses delicate lines and cute shades of powder pink clashed with skulls, bones, whirling tentacles and dead bunnies. All of that to create a bit sweet and a bit scary image. The beautiful lust - that's the world of graphics by Aleksandra Marchocka. She can perfectly aesthetize ugliness, play with the contrast of charm and macabre, grace and nightmare, strength and weakness, vitality and death. The woman created by Aleksandra is a sweet bunny that seems to say, "Try to catch me! Then you will see what I can do to you...".

Graphic works will be accompanied by poems by Malgorzata Wrzesniak.

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