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Fiorenza Bella Tutto Il Vulgo Canta! - exhibition in Warsaw

Posted on Jun 13, 2014

My work at "Fiorenza Bella Tutto Il Vulgo Canta!" exhibition. The event takes place at Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University in Warsaw, Poland on June 13 - 27. The idea of the exhibition is to show the influence, transformation and interpretation of the art of Florence - the contemporary "eternal city" which encourages understanding of the world and man. Inspired by my travels to Italy, I created a series of prints called "Metamorphosis" in which I transform famous Florentine monuments into coffee and sweets. My images take the viewer on a journey from spirituality to sensuality, from the contemplation of art to enjoyment of food. In my vision, the city is a world of contrasts, colors and flavors - a pop culture take on the "cradle of the Renaissance".

Artists: Pawel Kastusik, Katarzyna Lipinska, Jacek Jydzba, Aleksandra Marchocka, Dariusz Mlacki, Szymon Parafiniak, Iwona Rossochacka-Kenny, Anna Soltysiak

Curator: Malgorzata Wrzesniak

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