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Always Me! Global illustrators in their own eyes

Posted on Nov 10, 2013

My work featured in "Always Me! Global illustrators in their own eyes" album by Dopress - publishing focused on creating high quality and useful books for professional creators. The book brings together the work of designers and artists from different cultural backgrounds in the world. The self-portrait is a timeless element in artistic creation: countless artists over the centuries have used it to capture the changing nature of their lives. No self-portrait will ever be exactly like any other. But with these artists, deploying a wide range of techniques and styles, we can see the essential skills of successful self-portraiture. They express their characteristics, internal mind and specific information by various figures, including animals and monsters. They also record how their appearance change, reflecting their emotions and at the same time revealing the transforming of their painting style.

More info about the book (available in English & Chinese version) at www.dopress.com/DopressBooks

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